Dr. John Kehoe is a Memorial Sloan Kettering trained breast cancer surgeon and surgical oncologist. Over two decades ago, he founded and developed a private, full service, free standing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment center.

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Science and the Artful Clinician on Science Day

Yesterday (April 22) was Earth Day or Science Day or some combination of the two. There were marches supporting Science which is a little like marches supporting motherhood. Whatever political agenda may be in play here, I have no problem supporting Science and certainly in the work I do as a physician. For the past forty years that I have been in the medical field I have heard numerous complaints about the American healthcare system. Actually, over those forty years,…

Breast Cancer Surgeons Unprotected and Vulnerable

We Breast Cancer Surgeons are unprotected and vulnerable. We treat breast cancer and protect vulnerable women from the ravages of the disease. Yet we ourselves cannot avoid the awful calamities of life. No better example of this was the recent death of Dr. Jan Huston-Pryor, a Breast Cancer Surgeon from New Jersey. I didn’t know her personally, but knew of her. She was walking her dog one morning recently and was struck by a car and killed. Coincidentally, Dr. Jeanne…

Breast Cancer on the Run in October: (Day 31) Synergy, Everyone and Everything

The previous 30 posts were randomly arranged. I suppose I could have ordered them on a chronological timeline, but I don’t think it would have been as interesting.

Breast Cancer on the Run in October: (Day 30) Breast Cancer and the Women’s Liberation Movement

I started this series talking about the role of women in offering support to breast cancer victims, raising awareness about the disease, putting pressure on the medical establishment to change, and raising money for research.

Breast Cancer on the Run in October: (Day 29) Stage 4 Breast Cancer as A Chronic Disease

Stage 4 breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer–these words terrify patients. And for good reason. Few people in the past survived the diagnosis for very long.

Breast Cancer on the Run in October: (Day 28) Breast MRI

Cancer is clever. A cancer cell will develop and then start to create its own blood supply to sustain itself. The vessels that it develops are generally immature and don’t regulate blood flow in and out of a structure in the same way as normal vessels.

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