Dr. John Kehoe is a Memorial Sloan Kettering trained breast cancer surgeon and surgical oncologist. Over two decades ago, he founded and developed a private, full service, free standing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment center.

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Covid 19 breast cancer surgeon

Covid 19 In Office Process For Patients and Staff

The health and safety of our patients are our first priority. Dr. John Kehoe and our staff are open to meet the needs of our patients. We have taken multiple steps to protect our patients and staff during this pandemic. Some of these steps include the following: Our office will accommodate a maximum of 25 patients from a 9:00 am to 3:00 pm schedule. This will allow approximately 3.5 patients an hour, which will ensure that the office is never…


Coronavirus Update From The Office Of John Kehoe, M.D.

As you know at midnight Sunday, the NYC population will be asked to stay at home. Exempt business and workers include doctor’s offices and healthcare workers. We willl be opened on Monday for essential services. As noted previously, we will keep the numbers down in an effort to minimize exposure to other patients and maintain social distancing. All patients will have their temperature taken and will be asked to wash their hands either with soap and water or with a…

coronavirus new york

Coronavirus Update From The Office Of John Kehoe, M.D.

In an effort to keep you informed: The office was opened on Tuesday (March 17th) and Thursday (March 19th) and is opened today (Friday, March 20th). We are trying to keep the census down, but essential cancer work ups, cancer related cases, and surgical cases need to be addressed. We are using renewed telemedicine efforts in this regard to hold traffic down. On Wednesday March 18th, I operated in a private, free standing ambulatory surgical center. Only essential cancer cases…

coronavirus new york

Covid-19 Update From the Office of John Kehoe, M.D.

Hope everyone is well, virus free, and coping successfully with the changes we are all experiencing in our lives. We opened the office on Monday (March 16, 2020) and are running at about half capacity. We have heard the same from other doctor’s offices. We appreciate all those who have called in regarding their appointments. Everyone, please stay in touch. There were a lot of elbow bumps with patients yesterday ( March 16, 2020) and Purell was everywhere. The cleaning…

The “All Thumbs” Generation

Caveat Emptor: take your surgeon’s history of hobbies practiced in their youth before signing that operative consent! There is now speculation from a recent New York Times article (May 30, 2019) that surgeons with skills developed through manually oriented hobbies in their youth may be more technically adept and, thus, better surgeons who produce better outcomes. Gosh, how stupid was I in junior high not to sign up for that after school calligraphy course? This article claims that your surgeon may be…

Michele’s Story

I am Michele, Dr Kehoe’s Practice Director. For the better part of 13 years I have navigated patients and their families through their breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, today I am unfortunately navigating  myself through my own cancer.… I am now experiencing both sides of the cancer experience. Compassion is of the utmost importance.  Additionally, I have found that cancer treatment must be fast tracked. I took the same advice I give my patients and applied it to myself. Once…

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