Breast Cancer: A Daughter and Her Mother in the USA

Healthcare in the USA has its problems, but not for this mother and daughter who appreciate what we do here, whatever the shortcomings….

IN THE DAUGHTER’S OWN WORDS: I would like to share my mother’s story with everyone. It  happened 9,5 years ago…

My mother didn’t visit the gynecology doctor for a long time and I’ve made an appointment for her. It was a hard time for our family, because my father was dying!  Anyway, I insisted, and she went to a doctor, who sent her right away to have a mammography. She was diagnosed with a breast cancer 2nd stage. I couldn’t describe our devastation, but I brought my mother to a great surgeon, and he gave us 2 weeks to prepare for surgery (we had to do all necessary scans and tests).

She had a surgery in 2 weeks… My father, her husband, died in 4 weeks!
My  mother had a depression, but she needed to go forward. After that was chemotherapy and radiation… It was hard, but she survived and she is still with us!

I cannot describe, how grateful we are to all the doctors, who help my mother! We came from Ukraine back in 1989 and, if we still were there, my mother would not be able to overcome her cancer!

We have learn our lessons:
1. Don’t  postpone your visits to the doctors
2. Even if you are not at high risk, start regular screening at the age of 50
3. Don’t be afraid of surgery, because it can save your life!

At the end I just can say: God bless all the doctors, who took care of my mom, and God bless America.