Breast Cancer on the Run in October: (Day 1) Female Activism


Female Activism - Breast Cancer is on the RunWomen of the World, take a bow. You deserve it. Look what you have done as a group to bring breast cancer to its knees. You saw grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and friends with breast cancer. You stepped forward to lend support. And then you applied pressure with marches, races, fund raisers, and organizations that mobilized and inspired the research, clinical, and political communities.

From the pink ribbons to Susan G. Komen for the Cure (, you raised awareness and money. Your activism was worldwide, nationwide, and local. Your methods became a template for other organizations to lend support, increase awareness, and raise money for one disease or another. And you mobilized grandfathers, father, spouses, sons, and male friends to join the movement. Even bikers and the NFL joined the effort.

Without this activism, we would not be enjoying our present success. Nicely done….thank you.

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