Coronavirus Update From The Office Of John Kehoe, M.D.

In an effort to keep you informed: The office was opened on Tuesday (March 17th) and Thursday (March 19th) and is opened today (Friday, March 20th). We are trying to keep the census down, but essential cancer work ups, cancer related cases, and surgical cases need to be addressed. We are using renewed telemedicine efforts in this regard to hold traffic down.

On Wednesday March 18th, I operated in a private, free standing ambulatory surgical center. Only essential cancer cases were done. Nobody was allowed in the surgical center without their temperature being taken. Private free standing ambulatory centers have lower infection rates. They are also not mixed in with the larger and sicker hospital population. There was very little traffic through this private center on the day I did surgery there.

In this time of concern regarding the Coronavirus and infections in general and in light of the expected increasing traffic within New York City hospitals during this crisis, operating in the private ambulatory setting eliminates some of the more pressing problems presently plaguing the hospital system and their efforts to address the Coronavirus crisis.

We will continue to keep the operating schedule intact especially for the cancer cases, cancer related cases, or important diagnostic cases. Authorities are asking that all non essential surgery be postponed. I will continue to operate on cancer patients or patients with cancer related issues as these cases are clearly essential. We simply can’t wait for weeks or months on these cases as the extent of the crisis becomes clear.

Regarding office hours, we continue to follow protocols to minimize exposure to the virus. Over the weekend, the office will undergo a thorough cleaning in addition to our twice daily cleanings. This weekend cleaning is from an EPA certified Covid-19 disinfecting service.

I will continue to keep you informed as matters unfold regarding the office and important surgical information. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.