Covid-19 Update From the Office of John Kehoe, M.D.

Hope everyone is well, virus free, and coping successfully with the changes we are all experiencing in our lives.

We opened the office on Monday (March 16, 2020) and are running at about half capacity. We have heard the same from other doctor’s offices. We appreciate all those who have called in regarding their appointments. Everyone, please stay in touch.

There were a lot of elbow bumps with patients yesterday ( March 16, 2020) and Purell was everywhere. The cleaning service made a rare midday appearance. Some of the staff were comfortable wearing masks although their efficacy has been questioned. I was tested for the Coronavirus in the morning and await results. The rain today may be a factor in office visits.

Of course, we all miss the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. There is an old Irish bar next to the office and they are closed. The whole scene is just sad.

There is talk of shutting the city down, and we are monitoring this. What this could mean for the office is unclear. Obviously, there are some nonessential services we provide that could be put off for a few weeks if necessary. We are stepping up our Telemedicine involvement. Obviously, if we can take care of matters via phone, we will do so/

On the other hand, we find and treat cancer and these work ups and surgeries must go on–we simply can’t wait weeks or for a time when the extent of the Coronavirus problem is determined. There are also surgical patients that need to be seen. Some issues can be addressed with FaceTime or Skype.

We will be keeping you informed of developments and any information relating to the Cornonavirus.