I Got Breast Cancer and My Husband Left Me

Men leaving their wives after a breast cancer diagnosis and a mastectomy  doesn’t happen often. Thankfully. This survivor (on the left with her daughter born a few months before her diagnosis) took it as a challenge and an obstacle to overcome, just like her cancer. Her silent prayer for survival in relation to her parenting is poignant and priceless….

IN HER OWN WORDS: I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when my youngest child was 5 months old. My then husband decided it was too much for him to deal with along with raising our two kids; and just like that, a 7-year marriage ended.

Fast forward twenty-two years (I underwent a mastectomy along with tram flap reconstruction and chemotherapy), I am cancer free.

I got remarried to a wonderful man who helped raise my son, now 26, and my daughter who is 22.

I am extremely thankful to God for my immediate prayer after being told I had breast cancer. “No one else can raise my babies the way I’m going to. Lord, let me survive this” My prayers were fulfilled.

GOD sent me three angels in the form of Dr. John Kehoe, Dr. Jay Birnbaum and Dr. Ellen Gold.

I am eternally thankful….