She’ll Take Your Breath Away….

This survivor’s attitude is amazing, inspiring….

IN HER OWN WORDS: Yes, absolutely, positively!  I am a “BC” survivor of eighteen years, will celebrate my sixty-first birthday in October, and will further celebrate my survival during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with joy, pride and verve!

Does acceptance, forgiveness, time, patience, consistent medical consultations, gratefulness and praying heal wounds? Yes, absolutely, positively! My wounds, psychological and physical (especially visible surgical wounds) were startling and the real evidence of my confusing medical condition.

A total left breast mastectomy, paired with a tram-flap procedure, underarm axillary dissections, right breast augmentation, four drainage tubes and post-op medications were my unbelievable challenges.

Fortunately, my husband, family and good friends came to my rescue during my convalescence. I decided to use eight solid months to heal my body, mind, and soul. I slept on new oversized pillows, relaxed, enjoyed warm showers, practiced aromatherapy, savored my favorite foods, calmed down, and prayed.

No more was I other people’s problem solver. I welcomed positive conversations and constructive life practices. My five year remission mark finally arrived in 2003! Long range survival began with improved living habits and hope. I smile and laugh much more now, have traveled to Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico and love living.

How fortunate a survivor am I? Cheers to me and my circle of support! Very fortunate!