This is The First Blog Post

This is the first post to the blog that resides on this web site. I was told I should do a blog. That made me feel young, like I was one of those young digital wiz kids, who sit in their parent’s home in their underwear and eat Cheetos while communicating with and changing the world on the internet. I’m not that, but don’t want the world to leave me behind either. I suppose I am a reasonably respectable breast cancer doctor getting on in years, but not ready to retire my scalpel. And I don’t want to be one of those crusty old sages who scoffs at the younger generation and their “so called” progress. So it goes…

So why this blog? I have no idea why I am doing this, though I want to. Breast Cancer is a serious topic. After thirty years in the field, I suppose it is not unreasonable to expect that I might have some perspective on the disease and all that surrounds it. And I have been in the field of medicine and have witnessed all the old changes and those that are coming. It is interesting. And I have a wealth of experience with patients, women fearful of getting breast cancer or women that have heroically faced it down and beat it. And there have been some who have failed, tragically. And I have been there to witness that.

But forget about me. I suppose I know enough other people who have also had enough experience in this field to be interesting. I will call on them to contribute, the young and the old, the experienced and those fresh out of training.

I suppose I should be setting a tone, a template, or providing a telos for what I hope will be an exciting place for doctors or patients or the interested to visit and for anyone (and I mean anyone) to contribute. I have no intention to define this space, but ask myself and each who contributes to define it as they deem interesting. Yes, I will be the final editor (someone has to), but trust that I will be hyperliberal in what I allow as long as there are no bad jokes, no inappropriate comments (well, not too inappropriate), and very little political correctness. I want this to be as open and free wheeling and imaginative as it can possibly be. Hopefully, we will all be smart and will make each of us think, perhaps squirm, or be challenged to respond.