Lisa Strazza

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. John Kehoe for saving my life! As a breast cancer survivor, your doctor is the most important part of not only your diagnosis but your treatment as well. I have been a patient of Dr. Kehoe’s for 15 years. I visited him annually for my check-up’s which consisted of both a mammography and sonogram. In April of 2010, I went for my routine check-up and Dr. Kehoe noticed something on my mammography. He scheduled me for a core biopsy in his office two days later, which came back negative. He then suggested that I go for a Breast MRI with contrast at the lab. Again, my results came back negative. When I went to his office to discuss the results, he assured me that he had been doing this long enough to know that just by looking at my mammography, I had cancer. His next question to me was how did I want to proceed? I totally have full faith and trust in him and asked him what my next move should be. In May of 2010 he did a lumpectomy and found that I had a tumor underneath my left breast. In July he performed a second lumpectomy and removed lymph nodes (thank god I was cancer free). If he had been any other doctor they would have sent me on my way and said come back in a year. By then, the cancer could have spread throughout my entire body and I might not be here today writing this testimonial. I highly recommend Dr. Kehoe to all of my family and friends as I think he is the greatest breast surgeon!!!! Dr. Kehoe treats all of his patients as if they were one of his own family members and he is genuinely kind, caring and extremely compassionate to all.

I have a 30 year insurance background and had been unemployed for over 2 years due to the economy. I could not find work anywhere and Dr. Kehoe’s office needed a receptionist and I had the pleasure of working with him and his staff for 6 weeks. They are all so dedicated and devoted and I feel honored to have had the time to work with them all. While working there, I was also able to give comfort to patients that were going through their diagnosis and treatment as I am a cancer survivor. It felt good being able to give back to other cancer victims and giving them hope by sharing my story with them.

I have the utmost respect, trust, loyalty and dedication to Dr. Kehoe as he is the greatest!

Eileen Nicholas

I am a breast cancer survivor of 8 1/2 years and Dr. Kehoe has been my physician for the past 15 years. I feel he is an excellent doctor, he shows a lot of compassion for his patients and their families. He spends a lot of time speaking with his patients and in explaining your diagnosis and treatment. I have also recommended several patients to his office and they too have been very satisfied with his care. His office staff is very efficient, accommodating and very supportive.

Noreen and Joe Romano

I have been a patient of Dr. Kehoe’s for fourteen years. The kindness and strength that I have received over the years has been incredible! Dr. Kehoe and his staff have been a wonderful source of information and support. Whenever I have had questions or concerns they have been addressed immediately. As a patient I can call at any time and speak with a staff member requesting results, or information. I feel that over the past fourteen years. I have been treated with dignity and compassion by Dr. Kehoe and his staff. I will always be grateful.

Dr. J. Shah

Having the pleasure of helping to take care of Dr. Kehoe’s patients with breast cancer is an absolute privilege. Dr. Kehoe’s invaluable clinical experience, which he has acquired over his many years in practice, makes him an outstanding and uniquely qualified breast care specialist. Importantly, Dr. Kehoe will spend the necessary time to explain complex medical issues to his breast cancer patients so that they can understand their medical care better. His approachable and caring demeanor make him ideally suited for providing care to breast cancer patients. Moreover, Dr. Kehoe’s office ensures that his breast cancer patients receive the best integrated cancer care possible by seamlessly coordinating patient visits with other specialists involved in breast cancer care (such as radiation oncologists and medical oncologists). Dr. Kehoe’s office staff – in particular Michele, Eireann, and Jeanette – are always on top of providing Dr. Kehoe’s patients with the thoughtful, personal, and compassionate care that they need and deserve.

Virginia H. Church

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 15 years ago. My doctor at the time in Brooklyn mentioned Dr. Kehoe to me. After several surgeries there was really not much choice but to have a mastectomy But with the mastectomy I also had a tram-flap, where they take the muscle, tissue and fat and make a breast. I was very impressed that day when I went into his office, Dr. Kehoe gave me the name’s of a few women to call that had the same procedure, it really made me feel comfortable to talk with them. Dr. Kehoe is very easy to talk to and answered all my questions.That was 15 years ago. Today, I feel fine and even though my husband and I moved to Wall Township, NJ., I still come up to see him.After 15 years I’ve built a rapport with Dr. Kehoe and feel very comfortable and confident that I am getting the best care possible.