The Staff

Andrea Esposito (Office Manager/Surgical Coordinator)Andrea Esposito (Practice Manager/ Surgical Coordinator)

Andrea has been working in this office for about 6 years. In this time she has accomplished many things. She is our Practice Manager and surgical coordinator. She takes so much pride in her job. Every patient that comes in can expect to be cared for and treated with compassion. She is a certified Breast Patient Navigator and uses what she has learned everyday in our office.

Angela SpadaroAngela Spadaro (Executive Assistant)

Angela started here about 6 years ago. She has made her way from file clerk, front desk, clinical coordinator to her position now Executive Assistant. Angela is starting her new adventure of marketing for our practice. She is always looking for new things to learn in this field.

Miranda MulrainMiranda Mulrain (Front Desk Supervisor)

Miranda is an assent to our team. She started in our office with no experience and is now our front desk supervisor, over seeing staff and helping our patients get the best treatment in the office. She is very proud of her job and excited to see how far she can go in the medical field.

Brittany GuerenBrittany Gueren (Medical Assistant/ Scheduler)

Brittany is Dr. Kehoe’s right hand. She helps him navigate through our high volume patient days. She makes sure all patents are comfortable in the exam rooms, ready to see Dr. Kehoe. She also sets up all your testing so it is ready for review on your appointment day. Brittany is extremely compassionate and ready to help all patents throughout the day.

Marilyn TaylorMarilyn Taylor (Transcriber)

Marilyn began working for Dr Kehoe in 1993. She resides in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Marilyn attended P.S. 101, Montauk Junior High School, and FDR High School. She is a certified medical transcriptionist. In her life, Marilyn has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and Uterine Cancer. Dr Kehoe treated her for her breast and thyroid cancer.

Doreen McKayDoreen McKay (Scheduler)

Doreen has been with this practice since 2008. She is a patient turned employee. Many patients call to make an appointment and look forward to hearing from her. She is an asset to this office and we are proud to have her on for so many years.

Vanessa RiosVanessa Rios (Billing and Collections)

Vanessa Rios Is apart of our billing department. She is a graduate of Allied Health and left with multiple certifications. Vanessa is a certified Medical Administration Assistant and a certified E records specialist. She is currently working on her next certification and eager to learn more in this field.

Jill Rizzi Michele Jill Rizzi (Mammography Technician)

Jill is our lead mammography Technician. She has a BA from Brooklyn College and graduated from LICH school of radiology. She is a NYC certified mammography technician. Jill has been working for Dr. Kehoe since 2016 and loves the connections she has made with the patients in her time here.

Serena CamiaSerena Camia (Billing Supervisor)

Serena has been working for Dr. Kehoe for over 3 years. Like most employees she started as a filing clerk. Serena proved her strength and willingness to grow, and ended up as our billing supervisor. She has made many friends and connections working here. She truly enjoys her passion here and is learning everyday.

Sacha Clyne Sacha Clyne (Front Desk Clerk)

Sacha joined our team in November of 2019. She is a Virginia State graduate. Sacha has her Bachelor’s in Science and majored in Health Sciences. She has learned so much about the field since working with us. She is always looking to further her education. We are excited to see where her healthcare journey with us will take her.

Erika CampoverdeChristine Longo (Mammogram Assistant)

I have been working here for almost a year. It has been a joy and privilege to be part of such a successful and highly esteemed practice. My role started out simply digitizing mammogram films. I am now working one on one with the radiologist and preparing mammo reports for Dr. Kehoe. Learning this field from an award winning, tenured surgeon is truly a wonderful experience. In the past three years, I’ve raised 2 children, so getting back into the work force was a little scary with all the added responsibilities. Thankfully this team is so accommodating and always looks to help each other shine. Working with a such an great team of women has been so inspiring and such a pleasure. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the Kehoe family and I hope to further my position within this amazing practice.