Breast Cancer and “The Glam Cam”

These two know how to take a selfie. Today’s survivor is on the left with a staff member, who looks like a seasoned selfie participant. Neither is camera shy. We are calling this their “glam cam shot.” This survivor’s look tells you everything. But this patient was confused about her treatment after receiving upsetting news. She persevered through rough treatment and look at her today!

IN HER OWN WORDS: After I was diagnosed in 2008, I begged Dr. Kehoe to remove both of my breasts. I paniced. i was frightened. My cancer was advanced. I think it was present for two or three years. i could feel it, but nobody found it on the exam and mammogram or did anything about until I saw Dr. Kehoe.

I thought the cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. He told me we were going to take care of this and I was able to muster the courage to go on.

Maybe this could have been caught earlier. People should be proactive. I should have been more proactive when I felt this and should have insisted that it be removed or biopsied or something. Who knows if it would have made a difference? Maybe the treatment would have been different.

The chemo and radiation were rough. It took a toll on my mind and body. I thought I would never be the same. In some ways I wasn’t.

In time I recovered. I think I am back. I still worry. But I am glad I still have my breasts which I thought I was going to lose. Without them I probably wouldn’t feel so good or maybe look so good.

I am grateful to all the doctors who treated me and their nurses and staff. I work in a hospital and know how hard people work and how dedicated they are.