Prayer, Survival, and Gratitude

The intersection of prayer, survival, and gratitude is nicely and simply expressed in this survivor’s story (on the right of my staff member ). Frequently, we hear these sentiments in this office.

IN HER OWN WORDS: Five years ago I was attending Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Ridge. The mass was over when a young woman stepped up to the pulpit and addressed the congregation. She told us that she had been diagnosed with cancer, had undergone treatment, and was now cancer free. She wanted to thank everyone for their prayers which gave her strength and hope throughout her treatment. She never felt alone and her words stayed in my thoughts.

Was this a sign for me?

The next day I found out that I had breast cancer.

Dr. Kehoe performed a lumpectomy, which revealed that I had a carcinoma which was contained and had not spread to the lymph nodes. I was treated precisely at the right time in my life.

I have visited the office every 6 months for the last 5 years and although the wait is sometimes long, it is worth it to hear his reassuring voice. I once told him that “I think there are more prayers said in your office than in church” And I still pray in church and in his office.

When Dr. Kehoe asked me to write about my experience with breast cancer I couldn’t help but think back on that young woman and how brave she was and how grateful she was. Her prayers were answered and so have mine. Thank you.